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Quakertown Dentist Celebrates 30 Years of Dentistry  

QUAKERTOWN, PA — Dr. Gordon Roeder, a longtime family dentist, recently celebrated 30 years of providing patients quality, comfortable dentistry to resolve problems big or small. Dr. Roeder began practicing dentistry in Quakertown in July of 1987. He then went on to open Dream-Dentistry & Sleep Care in 2000. He has lived in Quakertown, Pennsylvania, his entire life and has treated many ...

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Quakertown Dental Practice Unveils New, Modern Website

QUAKERTOWN, PA — An elite Quakertown dentist has launched a state-of-the-art dental website that caters to patients who are struggling with sleep apnea or serious dental complications. The new website,, was launched in December and is compatible with all computers and mobile devices. Dr. Gordon Roeder, who operates Dream-Dentistry & Sleep Care, said his new ...

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Dr. Roeder on FOX 29 Discussing Sleep Apnea

Dr. Roeder was recently featured on FOX 29 talking about the dangers of sleep apnea. Dream-Dentistry & Sleep Care provides the most predictable, reliable solution to this condition. Dr. Roeder has developed a custom oral appliance that is small, comfortable, and a fraction the cost of traditional sleep apnea remedies. Watch the video to see Dr. Roeder's featured segment! [yt id=s-3_Ih0O_d8 ...

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