More Good News About Wisdom Teeth Extractions

As we discussed in our last post, at a certain age, usually in your teen years, your wisdom teeth may decide to push on through. Typically when this happens, there simply isn’t enough space to accommodate them. Fortunately, if that ever happens to you or one of your children, we can handle this kind of extraction right here in our comfortable Quakertown dentist’s office. Check out today’s ...

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Oral Health Tips For Summer And A Special Promotion!

At our Quakertown, PA dentist’s office, we make every effort to provide a comfortable, convenient atmosphere that is perfect for children and adults alike. So, if you live in the area, you can plan to bring the whole family to see Dr. Roeder and Dr. Kulp. Our team is particularly excited that, with Memorial Day approaching, the unofficial start of summer is finally here. There is so much to ...

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How To Handle Your Emerging Wisdom Teeth

You’d probably be amazed to learn just how many things can actually go awry in a person’s mouth at one time or another. That’s why it is always your best bet to partner with a local dentist that you can depend on to keep up with your ever-changing dental needs. This includes taking care of your wisdom teeth if they should ever begin to poke through. Truth be told, in most cases, when wisdom ...

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ClearCorrect Will Give You Plenty To Smile About!

Today we wanted to talk about what adult patients can do about teeth that have settled into less than desirable positions. So, if your smile is crooked, crowded, or gapped, you will want to keep reading! Even though conventional wisdom says that the time to wear braces is during your teen years, we are here to tell you that you don’t have to put up with a sore jaw, discomfort when chewing, or a ...

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Fight Plaque With Preventive Dental Care

It is important to come see us every 3-6 months so that we can check your mouth for any emerging issues and set you up with a professional teeth cleaning. Here at our Quakertown, PA dentist’s office, we have the tools to keep you smiling all through life. In today's video link, you’ll hear all about about the dangers of dental plaque and the importance of having a dentist you can trust to ...

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We Can Fully Restore Your Smile In Quakertown, PA

As a full-service dental office, we can handle most any issue under one convenient roof (our office on W. Broad Street), including full-mouth reconstruction. Read on to hear all about what we can do to help you following tooth loss, disease and other damage. When you are through with today’s post, don’t forget to follow up with our team ASAP to schedule your restorative dentistry consultation ...

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Untreated Sleep Apnea Can Be Deadly [VIDEO]

According to some sources, Jerry Garcia--the legendary frontman for the Grateful Dead--suffered from obstructive sleep apnea. In fact, his fatal heart attack back in the summer of 1995 may have actually been due (in part at least) to this dangerous condition. It’s no secret that, if left undiagnosed and/or untreated, sleep apnea can destroy your health. Besides the extra stress placed on ...

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Make Fear Of The Dentist A Thing Of The Past

  Our Quakertown, PA dentist’s office has found that many folks with dental anxiety will fall into one of three groups, when it comes to fear of the dentist. Though these are not mutually exclusive, it is always helpful to figure out which one sounds the most like you, so that Dr. Roeder and Dr. Kulp can adjust your level of sedation to make sure you have a pleasant and pain-free ...

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Dental Sealants And More

Our Quakertown, PA dentist’s office is here to help you improve your oral health through preventive dentistry. We have seen firsthand how the dental sealants we offer are great solution for patients of any age or background. Check out the video clip below in which the good folks from the American Dental Association talk about this wonderful treatment. After that, just call our convenient Broad ...

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Get A Better-Looking Smile With ClearCorrect

Here’s a bit of good news: a better-looking, healthier smile is possible at Dream Dentistry & Sleep Care. But wait, there’s more! We can actually transform your teeth without having to use conventional metal braces (like the ones pictured here). In order to determine if you are a candidate for an alternative orthodontic treatment, like ClearCorrect plastic aligners, you will have to plan ...

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