Teeth Cleanings & Dental Exams

Dental Exams & Dental Cleanings in Quakertown, PA

When you’re a patient at a dental office you look forward to visiting, it’s easy to make dental cleanings and dental exams a regular part of your smile maintenance routine. Dream-Dentistry & Sleep Care in Quakertown, PA is that dental office.

Have you scheduled your family’s six-month dental exams and dental cleanings yet? Call 215-804-4777 today to make your appointment!

Dr. Roeder Has the Latest Technology to Make Cleanings a Breeze Read Transcript

Dental Checkups Every Six Months For The Health Of Your Teeth

Dream-Dentistry suspects our patients would come in monthly if we let them, but twice-a-year dental exams and dental cleanings are all most people need. If we’re helping you get your smile back to healthy, you may need to come in more frequently.

Dental Cleanings Will Keep Your Teeth Shiny

At your dental cleanings in Quakertown, PA , one of our wonderful dental hygienists will clean away any plaque or tartar that has built up on your teeth since your last visit to prevent cavities and gum disease. Your mouth will feel super fresh after your dental cleaning!

Dental Exams Help Us Catch Issues Early

At your dental exam, we may take digital X-rays to get a good look at what’s going on with your teeth. These X-rays can reveal things like whether it’s time for your wisdom teeth to be removed. Our DIAGNOdent cavity scanner will tell us if you need a tooth filling, and you’ll be offered a fluoride treatment to strengthen your teeth against cavities and slow the growth of any cavities that might be developing.

We can also paint dental sealants on the surface of your or your children’s teeth for long-term protection from bacteria that causes cavities.

Call Dream-Dentistry & Sleep Care at 215-804-4777 or use our simple online form to book your appointment now for dental exams and dental cleanings with a dental office that combines the warmth of a personal touch with the enhanced care of the latest technology.

Video: Dr. Roeder on the technology in the office at Dream-Dentistry & Sleep Care in Quakertown, PA

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